Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vintage 1951!

I totally forgot that this was the weekend for the huge neighborhood garage sale. Shortly after I started off with dog on our routine Saturday walk, I noticed numerous garage sale signs on the main road. So, I decided to stroll around the neighborhood checking out the garage deals. As I'm walking down one of the side streets, I spotted a machine sitting off to the side. I picked up my pace as I noticed numerous cars quickly heading in to park. Well, there sat a Singer 401A for only $10 without the power cord. The foot petal cord and carrying case with attachments were sitting on the ground together not too far off from machine. The seller told me she didn't have the power cord anymore. She was very apologetic about that. I told her that it was ok and that I would still purchase it without the cord. After I got home, I found a power cord with the correct adapter in my discarded motor box. I think that cord came from my Singer 15-90.

Here is a picture before cleaning up machine, case, and attachment tray.

Carrying case and attachment tray all cleaned.

The interesting contraption for holding the attachment box that tucks nicely inside carrying case. The attachment box slides into holder, and then one flips the holder 180 degrees into storage position.

I think I like the carrying case with this fascinating hidden compartment more than I like the machine!


  1. Is that a 'Rocketeer'? I've never seen one in the wild. That is a neat case, I agree.

  2. Your house must look like mine as we have many of the same machines. That 401 with the case is so cool and the two spool - wow.
    I saw your post on Treadle On and had to visit, so glad I did. Maybe we will meet at the next Gold Country TOGA.

  3. Save the SINGERS! You are too funny! and this one is my age.

  4. Cheryl, This is a 401A. It almost looks like a Rocketeer since the coloring is similar. The Rocketeer has more of a "Jetson" style.

    Yarndiva, I would love to meet up with you at the next Gold Country TOGA. I had so much fun at the Mini TOGA that I'm looking forward to meeting up with everyone again and meeting with others.

    KTB, I thought the same thing, your age. Almost gave her your name, but I'm now considering calling her Toni.

  5. Sweet deal! Some say that this is the best Singer ever made. Let us know how it stitches!

  6. This machine makes a wonderful stitch! My daughter used her for top stitching her jeans that she was making and just loved working with the machine.