Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spa Day for VicOtoria!

The elderly lady got a spa treatment today. I decided to take some time off from working on my son's belated birthday quilt and worked on assembling the cabinet to the treadle. I also gave the old lady an overdue spa.

The day started with cabinet top on floor with drawers, and the long center drawer resting on treadle. They were all waiting to be dusted off and then sealed with Tung oil.

And how they shined by the end of the day!

Halfway through assembling I realized that I was missing the gadget that holds up the small side top. I knew some hardware was missing since I was told this when I picked up this free machine and cabinet. This was the cabinet that someone else started refurbishing 25 years ago and had lost the jar full of screws, drawer handles, and other parts. The deal was free machine/treadle to anyone one willing to finish the project. Well, I'm the one dolling her up! I just didn't realize that I would have to rig something up for the section of the top that swings down. I think I have a quick fix for this, just have to test it out.

Close up of cleaned Singer VS2 fiddlehead from 1889 with coffin top sitting behind.
VicOtoria sews! She makes a beautiful stitch top and bottom; not bad for a woman that's 122 years old!

The lady has some fancy handles!

Photo with all the handles on the drawers. I'm still hunting down a bracket.


  1. I have this same machine in my guest bedroom. I got mine (for free) last September. I was missing 1 bolt (moved one from a hidden area to the exposed area so it would look nice, and I had to purchase drawer knobs. I got nice ones for cheap at Lowe's or Home Depot. I still need to adjust the tension. Great find! I could check to see what holds the table up, if you want me too.

  2. wow, what a beautiful machine. you have done a lovely job on the restoration. what a find!

  3. Cheryl, I'm going to use a metal plate that swings out to hold the small top up in place. I also will be picking up cheap handles from Home Depot for the drawers.

  4. yeah Home Depot to the rescue! Actually I can't remember when you got this machine, but it looks BEEutiful now!

  5. Hello! I have a machine just like this. I also have an original bracket that holds up the fold out table from another table that was in ill repair. Let me know if still need one. I'm not sure how to contact you so I'll just leave this comment and look for a reply.

  6. Hi anonymous! Thanks for the offer. I have discovered a great way to keep the side up. It's called my ironing board set up underneath the extension. I set the ironing board at a 90 degrees from the cabinet to make an even great work area. And that way I don't have to get up to iron.

  7. Hi, its anonymous (aka Lexie) here. Great idea with the ironing board!