Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Oddballs

The Davis Vertical Feed sewing machine has a different foot, and it attaches to the machine differently from other machines.

First, a very quick look at the difference in feet and attachment from a couple of vintage sewing machine manufacturers.
The Davis foot:

A Singer foot:

A Standard foot- which some National and White are like:

Okay lesson over; now, back to conquering more attachments!

There are a couple of hemmer attachments for the Davis NVF that aren't that unusual. I'm starting with them since they will be easy to figure out how to use. I misplaced the screw; so, duct tape worked!

Not bad first first run!

I found the screw! I had used it last with my other Davis NVF, and that is where it was still located. It hadn't wandered off!

Next hemmer:

Nothing magically here.

A Bias Binder used to bind scalloped edges, points and squares, and for French folds.

This attaches differently!

Next, the "self-sewer' or seam guide. I had to put the two parts together before use.

By sliding the bottom plate, adjustments can be made in width of seams. This contraption works very well!

Now the oddity, the Ruffler, that looks like it could rip out nails instead of making pretty ruffles. I couldn't get this to line up correctly for gathering work, but I do have it attached the way the picture showed in my manual. I either have to make some adjustments or this is for an older model Davis Vertical Feed.

The Braider:
I didn't have anything to use for braiding. It is on correctly. Looks simple, but the directions are rather detailed on how to use this thingie. Bet it's a pain in the neck to use! Well, I'm not into braiding...thank God!

I realized the attachments were in need of a good cleaning. So after a day in OxyClean, they now shine!


  1. Looks like tools from the gynecologist office.
    "Now just slide forward a bit more dear"