Saturday, September 17, 2011

They Ain't NY Bagels...

One of my favorite pastimes is touring the world via internet. Well, I just had to give bagel making a try after reading someone's blog the other night. She made them look so yummy! I wasn't about to start making bagels at 2 A.M.; so, this morning after sleeping in and walking the dog, I got busy.

Ready to drop into boiling water.

The 30 second on each side bath.

The dry before bake.

Topped and ready to bake.


...Well, They aren't NY bagels, those are the best, but these are very good.
I'll make them again! The recipe isn't difficult; I just need to perfect my steps.
Bon App├ętit!!


  1. Very energetic of you. That is why God made Einstein Bros!

  2. I had a craving for H&H bagels-the best of NY. I'm trying a different recipe today.

  3. Made some better ones today!! The trick is in the water. I read to add 1 tbps of baking soda in the water bath for a better crust. It worked!