Friday, September 23, 2011

Time For Another Tute!

This tutorial will demonstrate how to do machine binding using a Davis NVF (walking foot machine) and finishing off with a decorative stitch using a Singer 328K. This is mainly for the Davis NVF setup (my reminder). Any other vintage machine with decorative stitching capability can be used for the finishing touch, like a Singer 401A.

Start off with setting up the seam allowance, or distance from needle to edge of quilt, by attaching seam guide. I'm using 3/8" seam.

Attach prepared binding to back side of quilt. I like to use 2 1/2" binding that has been folded in half and pressed.

Binding is now attached.

Bring fabric over edge of quilt and line up edge of binding with your 3/8 seam line on front side.
Stitch down into place by placing the walking foot's right edge up with right edge of binding. (click photo for up close view)

Finished look; take note of how the binding is attached.

Now you have to finish off the binding with a decorative stitch of your liking. I'm using one from my Singer 328K. Here is how I line up the foot on the binding. Each decorative stitch pattern will need to be tested for positioning on binding. The idea is to tack down like you would in hand stitching.

A look at the finished machine binding.
The front side.

The back side.

One could play with thread colors, binding fabric colors and patterns, and decorative stitches. Here is a different look using the same decorative stitch, but different fabrics and thread colors.


  1. The idea of using a decorative stitch at the edge of binding is a good one. I'll try it on my next project.

  2. I like this method since I'm not the best at hand stitching. Plus, it's just another way to decorative the quilt. My added touch.

  3. Thank you so much for the tute! I have difficulty with hand stitching due to thumb problems, so I will try this today on a table runner that is waiting to be bound. I have a 328K (no treadle base yet-still looking for one) I will use. His name is Frankenstein ( he lives with beautiful machines with red eye and tiffany designs, hence his name!)
    Thanks for answering my PM on the board!

  4. Linda, You're welcome! If you need any more assistance, let me know and hopefully I can help you.