Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Art, Babies, and Bees.

My first donation quilt of the year will be a baby quilt. A friend had given me the bee fabric awhile back. I thought it would be cute in a baby quilt, but I just couldn't decide on a quilt pattern.

 Yesterday, I cut all these five inch squares, 100 of them.

Today, I transformed them into half squares by first drawing a line down the diagonal, then sewing on both sides of the diagonal, and the cutting on the line.

Why I like sewing with the Two Spools is that the feed dogs are the same length so that the fabric travels through evenly.

And the foot is that perfect 1/4 inch for sewing on either side of the line, which I did a lot of today.

If you were wondering why this sewing machine is called a Two Spools, it's because the underneath (where the bobbin would be) holds the second spool of thread. I love sewing with mechanical art.


  1. I'd love to find a 'two spool' in the wild. I've seen an Eldredge, but, it wasn't a two spool. Have fun with her. I've been piecing on my hand crank (Singer)

    1. I hope that one comes your way. They are wonderful machines to use for piecing.