Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's This?

A secret! I used my Singer 201 to make that bright orange piping and sew it into place. I also sewed that almost perfect orange 90 degree corner. I've been busy helping my daughter sew a line of clothes that she has designed for a college fashion show. Her work is avant-garde. She loves to play with fabrics, colors, and textures. So while she creates innovative designs, I get to sew some of these modern looks with my vintage machines. Yes, I'm treadling that Singer 201!  While the plastic Janome sewing machine that my daughter uses keeps struggling and coughing to sew through some of the thicknesses of fabrics and seams, my Singer 201 effortlessly rides over the thick seams. Not bad for a machine that's around 70 years old, and the treadle irons are even older.  I swear that machine is smiling. I can hear it hum. That hum brings serenity to me, the reason why I love to treadle vintage machines!


  1. Wonderful! People I know just stare at me and my hand crank, which I take to sew-ins all the time. They just can't believe that I make quilt tops with it, and even machine quilted a mug rug with a hand crank. A 201 would be great to have.

  2. Folks are surprised when I mention that I only sew with vintage machines. I love their expressions, that look of why.