Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have been making stars. This piecing project is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Working with paper first, I decided on the size block I wanted to use. I cut one 5" block in half, then cut the halves on diagonal to form the triangles. I cut another 5" block into quarters to form the inner square. I did the same process with a 6" block, just minus the inner square. I decided to use the 5" block for this table runner that I'm making.

After selecting fabrics, cutting pieces, and arranging the layout, I started my piecing. First, I started sewing one triangle onto the square by lining up the right angle of triangle to the corner of square and then sewing right sides together 2/3 of the way down. The bottom section is left open to make it easy to attach the last triangle. I pressed the top section that I had sewn.

 Now working counterclockwise, I attached the top triangle and then pressed.

Then the third triangle was sewn onto the right side of square and pressed.

And lastly, the bottom triangle. (Note that this is a different block that I used for this photo so the fabrics/colors are arranged differently.)

I then pressed again and cut off all the tips.

 Blocks were then sewn together to form rows, and rows were sewn together.

 Well almost, I'm still working on sewing the rows together.


  1. Love that Singer 66 in your picture. I've made several sets of double tessellation blocks. Never thought about calling them that. I just usually swear when I mention them. It's a love/hate relationship. Love the look, hate making them. Wish I'd known about paper piecing before I ever made any. Yours are looking nice.

    1. Thanks! Paper-piecing them would be another way to work this pattern. I really found this method that I used to work nicely and quickly once I got into the process.

  2. Gosh! this is so clever. Thank you for sharing and I love the results as in your next post!

  3. Your blocks are so beautiful.


  4. These are beautiful blocks - gorgeous fabrics too.