Thursday, January 17, 2013


Yes, these drop crotch pants are uuuggly. In my opinion, any drop crotch pants are ugly. So, why then did I spend hours making ugly pants?

1. It was on my son's Christmas wish list, a pair of drop crotch pants.
2. A way to save money since the online prices are ridiculous for a pair of ugly pants.
3. The Burda pattern was on sale along with the fabric.

 I surprised him with a box of fabric and pattern as his Christmas gift. This week, I was able to work on the ugly pants.

He kept pulling them down to hip, and I kept telling him they are waist pants as stated on the pattern.

 He loves much that he slept in them last night!  At least he loves them. For me they are still uuuggly pants that he isn't wearing out of the house.


  1. OH MY! They are uuugly. Nice fabric and good sewing. Looks like a load catcher to me!

    1. Heehee, that is what I said to him. Looks like one is walking around with a load in their pants when they wear these uugly things.

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    1. Since this was a repeat of your above post I tried to delete, but this is what still shows.